Welcome to Waco Wifi. We are a Waco, TX based internet service provider servicing China Spring, Crawford, Speegleville, Valley Mills and Waco.

What makes Waco Wifi a better internet service provider than the other guys?

• You will have a 24/7 on call live person available for technical support issues, questions and someone to guide you through trouble shooting your internet service.

• If an on-site service call is needed to get your internet service running properly there is no charge, no matter who’s at fault.

• Only $149 which includes the 1st months service fee is due at time of installation.

• We do not force you into a contract. You can fire us at any time without any consequences.

• All needed equipment is included in the installation. Even the wireless router.

• Waco Wifi’s goals are to provide our customers with the quality internet service that they deserve and to make sure they get the high-speed internet that they pay for.

• As a locally based company we can respond to your needs the same day, not in a few days or even weeks like the other companies.

You will NEVER hear us say “it’s your router” when your speeds are too slow. We will simply correct the problem.